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University is a period of time that many people, myself included, felt overworked and overwhelmed. Thus, Polar was born. The idea was to put all the tasks you need to get done, long-term and short, and have Polar tell you which tasks you should do one at a time in order of importance, deadline, and other factors.

To achieve this, Polar needs to gather information from the user about each task as well as its due date (if it has one). Upon installation, Polar lets you set your personal priorities (e.g Work > Chores > Hobbies). Once the user adds all their tasks with the required information, Polar calculates the optimal task you should do next. This allows users to focus on actually completing their tasks instead of worrying about what to do when. By eliminating the stress of deciding what to do, Polar users would see their productivity improve by having the app streamline their workload for them.

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